4PB-50/100/200AD Advanced Photoelectric Beam Sensors

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Features advanced infrared twin photoelectric beam technology for
doubled stability and anti-environmental interference.
(NEW) 30/60M Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor
 Double stability and anti-environment interference Still stable and durable under the harsh environment and climate interferenceG.C. (Automatic Gain Control ) Circuit(A.G.C.) Automatic gain control circuit loop can automatically correct signal strength when environmental climate changes, and maintain signal transmission and stable.99% beam blocking stabilityCapable to withstand 99% beam energy attenuation and maintain normal operation stablyDouble modulation of the synchronized pulse beam & 4 channel selectable beam frequenciesDouble modulation of the synchronized pulse beam transfer & 4-channel selectable beam frequencies to enhance the capability of anti-environmental interfereWireless (RF) alignment functionTransmit focusing data through RF, individual user can quickly operate and focus * SpecificationsModel4PH-75BQE4PH-150BQEDetection DistanceOutdoor100 ft. (30m)200 ft. (60m)Indoor200 ft. (60m)400 ft. (120m)Max Arrival Distance1000 ft. (300m)2000 ft. (600m)Current Consumption67mA (max)85mA (max)Selectable Frequency4-ChannelPower Supply10.5V-30VDC (Non-Polariey)Infrared Photoelectric LED pulsed beam, Double modulationDetection SystemSimultaneous breaking of 2 beamsResponse Time50msec ~ 700msec ( Adjustable )Alarm OutputDry connect relay NC./ NO. 0.2A / 28VDCContact Action: 1 To 3 sec .Tamper OutputDry connect relay NC. 0.2A / 28VDCAction : cover is detached.Alarm LED Red LED (Receiver) lights when an alarm is initiated.Attenuation LEDYellow LED (Receiver) lights when beam is attenuatedFunctionsAnti-environmental interferenceA.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) CircuitAlignment AngleHorizontal 90° , Vertical 5°Operating Temperature-13°F to +131°F ( -25°C to +55°C )Mounting PositionsIndoor/ OutdoorWiringTernimalsWeight32.5 oz (925g) Transmitter & ReceiverDimentionsW76*H181*D77.80mmStandard AccessoriesU-Shaped Brackets *2. Attenuation Sheet *1 Screws (4*20 Self tapping)*4, Screws (M4*20)*4OptionHeating Unit (HT-61) 
LED Emergency Button (2-Step)
Model:Emergency ButtonP/N:BT-860-2LFeatures:Optional Operation Types: Two-Step Operation, Two-Step Operation / Alarm Menory Device.Build-in Micro Switch, LED light, Easy Operation. Precise and stable ON/OFF operation facility. With Memory Device to diagnose the alarm location. 

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Founded in 1980, we, Taiwan Security Net Co., Ltd, have been marketing our products with SENGATE for years. We are qualified by ISO-9001 Approved, and we also got CE, FCC and IP Rating Certificate on our main products.

With unique innovation and provide total solution of full range of photoelectric beam sensors, SENGATE's core technology provides the double stability, anti-environmental interference features, low failure rate and long lifetime to protect your home safety.

SENGATE product line now are including full series of active Photoelectric Beam Sensors ( Single, Twin and Quad, and Curtain Beam ), Taut Wire Fence Sensor, Prox Readers, Glass Sensors, Magnetic Shutter Sensors, Emergency Buttons and Magnetic Switch Sensor as well.

We design and manufacture high quality security products for use both in home and business environment, we also operate a flexible manufacturing base to accommodate changes in your marketing requirements.


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